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Depending on your event, it may be possible to put your images on our website for people to view after. If you would like this option, please supply us with a password so we can protect your images. You can give the password out to only those you wish to view the images. If you would like the images online with No Password, please write NO PASSWORD in the box below. Keep blank if you would like your images to not appear online.

Please be aware that we are enhanced CRB checked AND insured with Public Liability.

A Risk assessment will be carried out at the time of arrival, or unless a pre-request is required.

Where possible on many photo shoots and events, we will set up a WiFi system connecting the camera to or computer. This system will connect to any other computer networks around and does no require internet access. It also does not produce its own internet access.

Thank you for choosing Photesque to photograph your event. You will receive confirmation soon.

The Photesque Team

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